The Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (BDRP) is a pathway for parties in an eligible dispute to find a mutually agreeable solution outside the courtroom.

Per Local Rule 9019-2, the Court maintains a Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program to facilitate the resolution of eligible disputes. Detailed below, the process allows its participants access to resolution methods including:  

  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Settlement Facilitation

You may view the list of ADR Members by visiting the Current Roster of Resolution Advocates page.



LBF J-1 Application for the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Panel
LBF J-2(a) Order Assigning Matter to the BDRP
LBF J-2(b) Order Appointing Resolution Advocate
LBF J-3 Initial Mediation Confidentiality Agreement (an agreement between all the parties and should not be filed with the Court)
LBF J-4 Certificate Re: BDRP Conference (forward two copies to the Court)
LBF J-5 Report of BDRP Conference (an administrative document used to monitor and assess the program. The report should be directed to the Clerk.)