If you would like to utilize the speed and ease of Case Upload, and are not yet doing so, we believe that you will enjoy its many benefits.

However, you should also be aware of the following:

  • You should have the latest version of the vendor's software. Earlier versions may not work.
  • If you have not used Case Upload, you should ask for assistance from your vendor when filing your first case.
  • There should be no deficiencies in the case when using Case Upload. This is your responsibility.
  • You should ensure that the office code is set to "0" for Greenbelt and "1" for Baltimore.
  • You should make sure that there is a county code set for the debtor, and that this is correct.
  • Cases in which a debtor would not be eligible to reopen a case per 109g will not open using Case Upload.
  • Case Upload will now docket the following events, but only if your vendor is providing this capability:
       * Chapter 13 Plan
       * Certificate of Credit Counseling
       * Disclosure of Compensation
       * Statement of Intent
       * Ch 13 Stmt of Current Monthly and Disp Income
       * Social Security Verification

Please check with your vendor to see if this capability has been implemented in your software. If not, you will have to docket the plan manually. If your vendor has not crafted a work-around, you will still have to docket these events separately.