WiFi Availability -- Attorneys who are members of the Bar of the District of Maryland can access the internet in the Greenbelt Courthouse via a high speed wireless connection (WiFi). A WiFi connection in Baltimore will be setup in the future.

How to Access -- When in the Greenbelt Courthouse, on your personal device select "AttyWiFi" from the list of available wireless networks, and register by providing your full name and email address as they are listed with the Bar. Your access will be approved within 24 hours, and you will receive a confirmation email. During normal business hours, you can also stop by the Clerk's office for immediate authorization, after registering. Once authorized, you will need to sign in to "AttyWiFi" daily, when presented with a "splash" login screen.

Attorney Wifi Policies -- Use of the WiFi is subject to the Court’s electronic device policies available for review at http://www.mdd.uscourts.gov/electronic-devices-courthouse and http://www.mdd.uscourts.gov/policy-regarding-use-electronic-devices-courtroom. Users should also be aware that information passing through this service is not secure and is subject to monitoring. The Court reserves the right to deny or restrict access to any user who abuses the network, such as by excessive bandwidth consumption or by using the network for any type of activity or purpose deemed by the Court to be unlawful, harassing, abusive, criminal or fraudulent.