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Transcript Request for a Hearing Before a Judge
Please contact one of the court authorized transcription services. You will be advised as to the procedures and costs (the rates outlined below are effective October 1, 2023) pertaining to your request. The service will ask you to provide: case name and number, name of the presiding judge, the date of the hearing and the turn-around time (refer to chart below). Please note that the Court makes no recommendation as to which service provider to choose.

Veritext National Deposition & Litigation Services

Contact: Dion Rupa or Kim D'Alto 


Contact: Lisa or Mike Burns

Transcripts Plus Inc.

Contact: Karen Hartmann,CET

Janice Russell Transcripts

Contact: Janice Russell

Tracy Gribben Transcription LLC

Contact: Tracy Gribben Cali

eScribers Transcription

Contact: Ben Kurtzer
(973) 406-2250

Writer's Cramp, Inc.

Contact: Lewis Parham

*Note: The Court is not accepting applications from other transcript service providers. The current providers are sufficient to meet the Court's needs.
Transcript Original First Copy to Each Party Each Additional Copy to Same Party

30 Day Transcript (Ordinary)

$4.00 $1.00 $0.70

14 Day Transcript

$4.70 $1.00 $0.70

7 Day Transcript 


$5.35 $1.00 $0.70

3 Day Transcript

$6.00 $1.20 $0.85

Next Day Transcript


$6.70 $1.35 $1.00
2-Hour Transcript (Hourly) $8.00 $1.35 $1.00

Realtime Transcript

One feed, $3.40 per page; two-to-four feeds, $2.35 per page; five or more feeds, $1.65 per page N/A N/A
  • 30 Day Transcript (Ordinary) - Transcript to be delivered within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  • 14 Day Transcript - Transcript to be delivered within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  • 7 Day Transcript (Expedited) - Transcript to be delivered within seven (7) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  • 3 Day Transcript - Transcript to be delivered within three (3) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  • Next Day Transcript (Daily) - Transcript to be delivered following adjournment and prior to the normal opening hour of the court on the following morning, whether or not it actually is a court day.
  • 2 Hour Transcript (Hourly) – Transcript of proceedings ordered under unusual circumstances, to be delivered within two (2) hours (check on availability in advance).
  • Realtime Transcript - A draft unedited transcript produced by a certified realtime reporter as a byproduct of realtime to be delivered electronically during proceedings or immediately thereafter following receipt of the order.  An unedited draft is not a certified transcript.  A realtime "feed" is the electronic data flow from the court reporter to the computer for each person or party ordering and receivieng the realtime transcription in the courtroom. (Check on availability in advance.)

Reviewing a transcript in accordance with the policy established by the Judicial Conference of the United States:

  • A transcript provided to the Court will be available at the Clerk's Office for inspection only for a period of 90 days after it is delivered to the Clerk.
  • During the 90-day period, a copy of the transcript may be obtained from the transcriber at the rate established by the Judicial Conference, and an attorney who obtains the transcript from the transcriber may obtain remote electronic access to the transcript through the Court's CM/ECF system for purposes of creating hyperlinks to the transcript in court filings and for other purposes.
  • After the 90-day period has ended, the filed transcript will be available for inspection and copying in the Clerk's Office and for downloading from the Court's CM/ECF system through the judiciary's PACER system.
Additionally, there are requirements for parties to review the transcript for privacy related matters. Please review this document for details about the policy as well as the procedures to be followed.