Courtrooms in Baltimore and Greenbelt have the necessary equipment to electronically present evidence.  When controlled by the presenter at the podium, the system will concurrently display evidence on monitor screens for the witness, law clerk, courtroom deputy, Judge, counsel tables, and on a projection screen. The system has the following capabilities:

VHS/DVD combination player - You can play a DVD or VHS cassette. You can also use the input on this system to play back audio if you provide an audio device.

Laptop - If you have a laptop computer, you can attach it to the podium system and present from it.

PC - A PC is located inside the cabinet and you can use that to display various files - Word Perfect, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. With software on the PC in the podium, you can annotate what is being presented. However, neither the PC nor laptop option will have Internet access.

Document camera - This device allows you to display a document or any other item that can be placed on the display tray.

Please contact the for training. After you are trained, you need to contact the Courtroom Deputy at least 24 hours prior to a hearing if you intend to use this equipment to receive approval.