Deficiency Notice Information for Bankruptcy Cases

  • Each case administrator reviews or dockets on average 3400 pleadings per month for a total of over 900K pleadings per year for both divisions.
  • While it is routine for case administrators to make courtesy phone calls to parties to resolve matters, deficiency notices help the party filer and the case administrator to formally track unresolved procedural issues.
  • Deficiency notices are a way to work with party filers to resolve simple procedural matters that would otherwise delay the ruling on motions and the overall administration of cases
  • Deficiency notices are issued based upon general expectations set by the bench and requirements governed by the rules.
  • Deficiency notices improve case efficiency by setting deadlines to ensure that the case administrator keeps the case moving.   Courtesy calls are used in conjunction with the official deficiency notice to avoid delays.
  • It is the Clerk’s office responsibility to be as transparent as possible regarding the administration of cases.  Deficiency notices keep all relevant parties informed.
  • The Clerk’s office is always open to reviewing and reconsidering routine practices.  If there are deficiency notices that we issue on a routine basis that anyone believes are unnecessary, let us know.  We are happy to review the requirement and consider a modification to our practices.  
  • We continue to review and reevaluate our current procedures and are making efforts to eliminate the need to issue deficiency notices whenever possible.