Entered Title Judge Case Number
In re Cleary Packaging LLC, Case No. 21-10765 Cantwell-Cleary Co., Inc. v. Cleary Packaging, LLC, Adversary No. 21-00056 Michelle M. Harner 21-10765
In re; Randall v. Navient Solutions, Adv. Pro. No. 19-00368, Main case: In re; Terry Lucille Randall, Case No. 19-21815 Michelle M. Harner 19-00368; 19-21815
Memorandum Opinion in RE McPherson Michelle M. Harner 21-10205
Memorandum Opinion in re Evans Michelle M. Harner 19-19430
Memorandum Opinion entered in Gaske v. Satellite Restaurants Inc. Crabcake Factory USA (In re Satellite Restaurants Inc. Crabcake Factory USA), Adversary Proceeding No. 21-00012. Maria Ellena Chavez-Ruark 21-00012
Memorandum Opinion in re Dunkes Michelle M. Harner 19-19194
Memorandum Opinion in re Ford Michelle M. Harner 20-16046
Memorandum Opinion Michelle M. Harner 20-11718
L.K. Comstock & Company, Inc. v. Reibie et al Adv. Pro. No. 19-00199 Lead Case: RailWorks Corporation Lead Case No. 01-64463 Michelle M. Harner 19-00199
State of Maryland Department of Labor v. Thomas E. Sulser Adv. Pro. No. 19-00355 Lead Case: Thomas E. Sulser Lead Case No. 19-18710 Michelle M. Harner 19-00355
In re: Kim, 18-26438 David E. Rice 18-26438
In re: Wood, 18-11415 Memorandum Opinion Michelle M. Harner 18-11415
Memorandum of Decision Thomas J. Catliota 17-00156
Bankruptcy Case of Byung Mook Cho, Case No. 17-22057-MMH; Jointly Administered with The New Belvedere Cleaners, Inc., Case No. 17-22058 Michelle M. Harner 17-2205
Bankruptcy Case of Jacqueline Chorba, Case No. 17-16032-MMH Michelle M. Harner 17-16032
In re: Peterson, 16-13521 Memorandum Opinion David E. Rice 161-111352
n re Wiley, 16-15361 Memorandum Opinion David E. Rice 16-15361
In re: Forest Capital, LLC, 16-13850 Michelle M. Harner
In re Schweiger, 17-19857 David E. Rice 17-19857
Yolande E. Essangui, Case No. 16-12984-MMH Yolande E. Essangui v. SLF V-2015 Trust, et al., Adversary No. 16-00201-MMH Michelle M. Harner 16-00201