NextGen Information for Existing ECF Users

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland is converting its Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system (CM/ECF) to NextGen CM/ECF on May 10, 2021.  NextGen CM/ECF brings new functionality that will allow electronic filers to utilize a single login and password for e-filing and PACER access for all NextGen federal courts (bankruptcy, district and appellate) in which they have permission to file.  This will require all electronic filers to take steps to prepare for NextGen in order to electronically file in our court after conversion to NextGen on May 10, 2021.

PREPARING FOR NEXTGEN (take these steps now):
Filers should take the following steps immediately to prepare for NextGen:

  • Obtain an individual PACER account.
    If your firm has been sharing a single PACER account, then you must get your own individual PACER account.  Your PACER account will be your filing login, so you MUST have your own account to e-file with NextGen courts.  To register for a new PACER account, visit the PACER websiteClick here for account registration instructions.
  • Upgrade your individual PACER account.
    If your PACER account was created before August 11, 2014, it will need to be upgraded for NextGen.  Click here for instructions to upgrade your PACER account.
  • Confirm your existing CM/ECF login information.
    You must know your current CM/ECF login and password.  If your CM/ECF credentials are stored in your internet browser or bankruptcy software, they will be lost and unrecoverable after conversion.  If you do not know your CM/ECF password, visit this ECF Password Changes link to reset.  If you do not know your CM/ECF login, please contact the Court by phone at 410-962-4078 or by email at to obtain your current CM/ECF credentials.
  • Consider obtaining a PACER Administrative Account for your firm.
    Firms can set up a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to manage all their user accounts and have central billing for PACER access fees.  Click here to learn more about PAA accounts.
  • Review our NextGen PDF requirements.
    Click here for PDF filing standards in NextGen.  Documents that do not comply with these standards may be rejected.

FINAL STEP (take this step on or after May 10, 2021):
This step cannot be taken until after the court converts to NextGen on May 10, 2021, and must be completed before you can file documents in NextGen.

  • Link your individual PACER account to your existing CM/ECF account.
    To file documents after we convert to NextGen CM/ECF, all e-filers who had filing privileges with our court before May 10, 2021, need to link their prior CM/ECF account with their upgraded PACER account.  Click here for instructions on linking your account.