After you File

Financial Management Certification Warning!

**Attention Debtors! Most debtors must complete a Financial Management Course PRIOR to receiving a discharge**

Attending Court Proceedings

After you file, you will be required to attend the 341 Meeting of Creditors, confirmation hearings regarding Chapter 13 plans, and a hearing prior to entering into a Reaffirmation Agreement (if applicable). The Court will send you a notice containing the date, time, and location of the Meeting of Creditors. It is advisable that you attend any other hearings on your case. If you cannot attend, please notify the Court as soon as possible. To prepare for attendance, please review the following Courtroom Procedures.


Amended Filings
If you need to add creditors to your case, an amendment to any necessary schedules and the mailing list or matrix must be signed and filed with the Clerk’s Office at the location where your case is being administered. If the petition is filed by a husband and wife jointly, both must sign the amendment. You are responsible for giving notice to the added creditors (i.e., sending copies of pleadings), the United States Trustee, and the trustee assigned to your case. You are also responsible for filing a Certificate of Service with the Clerk’s Office.

Before filing any amended documents, please review the Top 10 Pro Se Filing Errors (specifically #3 and #8 relating to amended filings). For an amended supplemental mailing list or matrix, see Local Bankruptcy Rules 1007-1(c-d)1007-3, and 1009-1. For modifications of confirmed Chapter 11 plans of individual debtors, see Local Bankruptcy Rule 3019-1.

Check the Filing Fee Schedules for information on the fees required for filing amended papers.

Motions for Extension of Time
All requests for extensions must be made in writing prior to the date the response/motion/filing is due. Extensions are not available in all situations and are granted on a case-by-case basis. When drafting your Motion for Extension of Time, please use the appropriate caption (see Sample Captions).

Motion to Avoid Lien that Impairs Exemption
A Motion to Avoid Lien that Impairs Exemption is filed by a debtor seeking to avoid a lien which is held by a creditor on property which the debtor is claiming as exempt property. The motion is governed by 11 U.S.C. § 522(f) and Local Bankruptcy Rule 4003-2 and requires no filing fee.

Filing an Answer

For guidance on how to prepare and file an answer pro se to an adversary proceeding or lawsuit, please see the Pro Se Answer Form and Instructions.

Debtor Statement of Current Address and Phone Number

Please note that debtors are required  to maintain a current statement of address and phone number with the Clerk’s Office, pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rules 4002-1 and 9010-2.