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Virtual Hearings

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Court and the United States District Court for the District of Maryland have issued numerous administrative and standing orders (links available here) limiting access to the courthouse and governing the limited availability of in-court proceedings. The Court is therefore conducting hearings remotely (by video or telephonic conference call) whenever possible.  

Parties are strictly prohibited from recording telephonic or video hearings, in accordance with the Court’s Administrative Order 20-07. By joining or participating in a remote hearing, you acknowledge the prohibition contained in Administrative Order 20-07.

If you are interested in simply attending a Bankruptcy Court hearing conducted by video or telephonic conference call, locate the date and time of the hearing you wish to attend on the Court's Public Calendar and by email contact the Courtroom Deputy for the presiding Judge as provided below. You must include your name and telephone number, the case name, case number, and the date and time of the hearing. By submitting your request, you acknowledge that recording a telephonic or video hearing is strictly prohibited in accordance with Administrative Order 20-07.

Successful remote hearings require the cooperation of all participants. Failure to follow the Judges' Hearing Instructions could preclude your participation in a remote hearing or result in the imposition of sanctions.

Click here for Zoom Information and Best Practices.

Hon. Nancy V. Alquist Ch. 13 Instructions


Brenda J. Wolfe, Courtroom Deputy
(410) 962-4439

Hon. Thomas J. Catliota

Hearing Instructions

Ch. 13 Instructions


Rita Hester, Courtroom Deputy
(301) 344-3495

Hon. Michelle M. Harner

Hearing Instructions

Ch. 13 Instructions


Anna Marie Komisarek, Courtroom Deputy
(410) 962-2966 

Hon. David E. Rice

Hearing Instructions

Ch. 13 Instructions


Cherita Scott, Courtroom Deputy
(410) 962-7769

Hon. Lori S. Simpson

Hearing Instructions

Ch. 13 Instructions

 All Other Hearings Access

Gloria Bellman, Courtroom Deputy
(301) 344-8031