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Volunteer to staff the Debtor Assistance Project Office
Add my name to the Low Bono and Deferred Payment Chapter 13 Attorney List
Add my name to the Low Bono Chapter 7 Attorney List

If you have registered above as a Debtor Assistance Project Volunteer, please check the following if applicable:
I am a current MVLS volunteer
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I certify that: (1) the information above is true and correct, (2) I have read through the description of each program I am volunteering for, and (3) I will contact the Pro Bono Coordinator with any updates to my profile or requests for removal.

Program Specific Certifications:
- If I signed up for either the Low Bono Chapter 7 or 13 Listing, I will complete my annual pro bono service requirement, which consists of ONE of the following:
1. Complete 2 pro bono cases per year through MVLS' Chapter 7 Pro Bono Panel
2. Agree to staff the Debtor Assistance Project office for 4 hours (which is equal is 2 DAP sessions) every 6 months.

- If I signed up to staff the Debtor Assistance Project Office, I understand that, during DAP consultations, I am permitted to select up to 5 attorneys (from the low bono listings) as referral suggestions for DAP clients. I understand that I may not select myself as one of the 5 referrals. I understand that DAP clients may choose to initiate contact with me at a later date if they are interested in retaining me as their legal counsel, and that any initial contact with former DAP clients cannot be initiated by me. .
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