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In re Margret E. Brandon, 14-23735
In re James L. Rucker and Belinda A. Rucker, 14-27630
In re Cynthia B. Burrows, 14-28940
In re Arthur D. Everest, 14-29084

Counsel for Brandon: Charlene A. Wilson, Esq.
Counsel for Ruckers: Robert N. Grossbart, Esq.
Counsel for Burrows: Jeffrey M. Sirody, Esq.
Counsel for Everest: Edward C. Christman, Esq.
Counsel for the Consumer Bankruptcy Section of the Maryland State Bar Association:
Michael A. Ostroff, Esq.
Chapter 13 Trustee: Nancy Spencer Grigsby
Chapter 13 Trustee: Ellen W. Cosby

The Supreme court’s decision in Harris v. Viegelahn, 135 S. Ct. 1829 (2015), does not preclude the bankruptcy court from directing Chapter 13 trustees to pay funds remaining in their possession to debtor’s counsel up to the amount of the attorney’s fee allowed in cases that are dismissed or converted prior to confirmation of a Chapter 13 plan.

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David E. Rice