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Court Locations

6500 Cherrywood Ln - Greenbelt, MD 20770 - Main Tel: 301-344-8018 map
101 W Lombard St Room 8530 - Baltimore, MD 21201 - Main Tel: 410-962-2688

Filing a Bankruptcy Case

Under the Bankruptcy | Open a Bankruptcy Case menu item

1) Filed Together - Petition, Matrix Verification of Matrix, Statement of Financial Affairs, all Schedules, Summary of Schedules and Notice to Individual Debtors

Under the Bankruptcy | Miscellaneous menu item

2) Social Security Number Verification Page

3) Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor

4) Statement of Intent - Event: Statement of Intent

5) Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly and Disposable Income

6) Chapter 7 Means Test

7) Certificate of Credit Counseling

Under the Bankruptcy | Motions menu item

8) If applicable - Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments or Motion in Forma Pauperis

Under the Bankruptcy | Plan menu item

9) Chapter 13 Plan - Event: Chapter 13 plan