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Approved Case Upload Vendor Software

The following software vendors have been approved to use Case Upload (for opening new cases) with the Maryland Bankruptcy Court. Such approval does not constitute an endorsement of any program or other feature that may be offered by these entities.

Best Case Bankruptcy (800) 492-8037
Fast Case (866)773-2782
Thomson Reuters Chap 7..13 (800) 217-9378
LegalPRO Systems, Inc./BankruptcyPRO 210-561-5300 (608) 444-6575
Jubilee (210) 561-5300
FreshStart Bankruptcy Software (206) 547-7778
CINcompass 866-218-1003
Next Chapter BK 888-861-7122
Intuitive Legal 888.696.5694


If you are using software from a vendor which has not been approved by our court, please have the vendor get in touch with us at the ECF support desk (866-630-1146) or email us ( so that we can help work with the vendor to test their software.