EDSS Pilot Program

The EDSS Pilot Program will end on July 1, 2023, and as of that date the Court will not accept filings by EDSS.  To see the Administrative Order rescinding the Pilot EDSS, please click here
The Electronic Document Submission System Pilot Program (EDSS) is a service made available during the Covid-19 pandemic to self-represented parties who need to file documents with the court as an alternative to mailing or bringing the documents to the courthouse.  The COVID-19 national emergency ended and the Court has returned to normal operations, including access to the Clerk's Office during normal business hours and the after hours drop boxes located in both courthouses.  

Documents will be processed the next business day after submission. Bankruptcy petitions that are submitted may not receive a case number until the next business day.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparers and debtors represented by counsel are not authorized to use EDSS.

Filing with the EDSS is governed by the Federal Bankruptcy Rules, the Local Bankruptcy Rules and the EDSS Administrative Procedures. It is recommended that you meet with a lawyer before you file. Click here for additional information you need to know before filing without an attorney.

Here is What You Need to Know About Filing using EDSS.

Most documents require a handwritten signature. Images of actual signatures may make your file size too large to submit electronically. If your file size is over 3 MB and includes a copy of your hand-written signature, try breaking your submission into multiple files.

***Please note: Only filings for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland can be submitted on this page. Do not use this page for non-bankruptcy matters.***

Notice to attorneys - ECF users must file using CM/ECF unless otherwise authorized by the Court.

Please enter your case number, if known.  Otherwise, leave blank.
Do not use EDSS for your list of creditors (matrix).  Instead submit them here: http://www.mdb.uscourts.gov/creditormatrix/login.
Maximum 10 files.
Files must be less than 3 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
By proceeding below you agree to each of the following:

  1. I am intending to file the attached document(s) with the court.
  2. The attached document(s) are not to be considered filed with the court until I have received a confirmation e-mail from the court.
  3. This filing is not made for any fraudulent or other improper purposes.  Fraudulent or improper filings may result in sanctions or other civil or criminal penalties.
  4. I have reviewed the court's EDSS Administrative Procedures including the requirements pertaining to: (i) the service of documents filed with the court; (ii) my obligation to retain the original document(s) filed; (iii) ensuring documents are properly signed; and (iv) the payment of required fees.
  5. I consent to receiving a confirmation email after submission.
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