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Electronic Filing Information

What Login Do I Have? 

1. You already have a login for the US Bankruptcy Court of Maryland and just forgot the password - ECF lost password reset

2. You have a login for the US District Court of Maryland (just your initials and bar ID).  You need a login for the Bankruptcy Court

3. Your login only allows you to view documents (This is your PACER account).  You need a login for the Bankruptcy Court 


Help Electronic Service Options
ECF User Manual Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DebN)
Video Demonstrations Creditor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing
Contacting The IT Service Desk Creditor's Preferred Address
Items Filed When Opening a Bankuptcy Case Email Address Requirement
CM/ECF Filing Agents Approved Notice Providers
Case Upload Software Proofs of Claims
Allowed Vendor Software Electronic Proof of Claims (ePOC) filing option - no login is required.
Case Upload Tips Claims Upload 
Financial Management Certificates 

Effective December 1, 2013, Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1007(b)(7) has been amended to permit an approved debtor education provider to notify the court directly that the debtor has completed a post-petition instructional course concerning personal financial management. This rule change pertains to debtor education certificates only, not to credit counseling certificates.  Click here ONLY if you are an Approved Debtor Education Provider.


In the unusual circumstance when the court’s electronic filing system is not available due to technical issues, parties may file pleadings in electronic format on disks, CDs or other electronic media and deliver them to the courthouse during normal business hours. Please be aware of the After Hours Information available on our web page. Any late filed pleadings should include a request to consider the pleading to be filed timely and state the reasons causing the delay.