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On Friday, November 17, 1995, an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition was filed in this Court against the debtor, Farm Fresh Supermarkets of Maryland, Inc. ("Farm Fresh"). On the same day, the appointment of an interim trustee was authorized by this Court and Terry L. Musika was appointed to that position by the United States Trustee. On Sunday, November 19, 1995, Beckenheimer's, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Farm Fresh, filed a voluntary Chapter 7 petition in Case No. 95-5-8441 on an emergency basis at the home of the undersigned bankruptcy judge. On that occasion, Mr. Musika was appointed interim trustee in that case as well. On the same day, this Court approved Mr. Musika's motion that the two cases be jointly administered, Farm Fresh having consented to adjudication as a Chapter 7 debtor. Thereafter, the United States Trustee appointed Mr. Musika as Chapter 7 trustee in both cases. On April 28, 1998, the trustee filed the instant complaint for avoidance of a postpetition transfer, turnover and other relief, against Arbutus Shopping Center Limited Partnership ("Arbutus" and/or "landlord"), the landlord of one of the debtor's stores. For the following reasons, the instant complaint will be dismissed.

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James F. Schneider