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ADR Details

WHAT is the BDRP?
The Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (BDRP) is a pathway for parties in an eligible dispute to find a mutually agreeable solution outside the courtroom. [ Full Story ]

IS my case eligible for the BDRP?
With a few exceptions most, but NOT ALL, disputes arising in an adversary proceeding, contested matter, or a bankruptcy case, are eligible for the BDRP. [ Full Story ]

HOW can I participate as a Resolution Advocate?
Members of the bar who serve as Resolution Advocates are the engine that drives the BDRP. Apply now to secure one of only 34 remaining seats the Court has authorized. [ Full story ]

WHAT about the administration of the BDRP?
The administration of the BDRP includes guidance from all levels of the Bankruptcy Court family: the Clerk's Office staff, court managers, and the judges' chambers. [ Full story ]