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Court Locations

6500 Cherrywood Ln - Greenbelt, MD 20770 - Main Tel: 301-344-8018 map
101 W Lombard St Room 8530 - Baltimore, MD 21201 - Main Tel: 410-962-2688

Case NoDebtorsort descendingClaimant NameAmount
95-11331LangleyUnion Planter National Bank$206.93
05-32579Lanise S. GilesQuick Payday$121.56
99-18586Larry & Cherly Renner$361.58
01-53152Larry BorntChrysler Financial Corp.$89.12
90-41345Larry BroomfieldLarry D. Broomfield$374.99
98-13760Larry ColbertBlazer Financial$491.88
98-13760Larry ColbertLong Fence & Home Lllp$491.88
03-13693Larry Cornell BrownEagle Credit Resources, Llc$183.16
03-67457Larry GilleyLarry Donald Gilley$1016.04
04-29644Larry GoodmanC.a.b.b.$124.06
92-15151Larry HawkinsForest Spring Condominium$253.21
92-17179Larry HawsLarry K. Haws$255.22
94-12935Larry HydeEastalco Aluminium Company$33.60
87-41735Larry JonesSp Services Corp.$82.75
05-27654Larry JonesAmerica Cash Advance$66.47
00-20993Larry MccrearyCapital View Hoa$51.27
09-19742Larry Michael Robinson$3.96
09-19742Larry Michael Robinson$0.93
09-19742Larry Michael Robinson$0.82
97-15881Larry MillerMarje Hartman$65.81
97-15881Larry MillerThulman Eastern$119.40
97-15881Larry MillerBest Mechanical Contracting Of So. Md$258.24
03-14456Larry MooreLarry Moore$1250.00
93-15546Larry ParkerGmac Mortgage Corp. Of Pa$212.11
98-17296Larry PowellRiggs Bank$62.70
96-19959Larry ThompsonCharles F Curry Co$128.43
96-19959Larry ThompsonCharles F Curry Co$124.52
98-21403Larry WilliamsLarry Williams$208.00
07-14778Lars T. Lueders$30.34
07-14778Lars T. Lueders$20.17
95-10866Lasharn EasleyPrince George's County Fcu$289.78
97-12962Lashaun SpencerAmerican Investment Bank$37.96
07-12950Latina A. WallaceAaron Weinrauch, Esq.$139.50
95-15528Latonya RozierColumbia First Bank$268.87
95-15528Latonya RozierColumbia First Bank$95.39
06-18234Latonya WilliamsPetro Oil$162.40
06-18234Latonya WilliamsPetro Oil$254.08
09-28772Laura HigginsLendmark Financial Serviees$26.95
02-14093Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson$336.92
10-29362Laura MoraniecLaura L. Moraniec$200.77
98-50044Laura RoweGreat Lakes$39.31
98-63813Laura WardLaura Kathleen Ward$111.72
95-14789Laurel Bridal & Gown Shop, Inc.Mary - Claude K. Martin$693.22
01-66764Laurie Annette MciverCooks Fuel & Energy Company$152.81
90-51811Laurie HammonsLaurie Hammons$175.54
05-29969Laverne MinorOb Gyn Affiliates$28.43
10-20993Laverne S Stokes$3.15
07-16424Lavonne SampsonCach Llc$330.73
99-19446Lawanda WimbushProvidian Financial$259.17
93-56416Lawrence & TerryLawrence & Cindy Lou Mccormick Terry$107.89