Reaffirmation Agreement     

Last Updated: February 2012

This module gives step by step instructions for filing a Reaffirmation Agreement, including creditor users with limited access logins.  The Reaffirmation Agreement form B240A can be found as an electronic PDF available on the court’s website.  This form must be a scanned image so it can reflect the signature of the parties.

1.                                       Click  'Bankruptcy' on the Blue Menu Bar

2.                                       The Case Number screen displays:

3.                                       The Available Events screen displays:

4.                                       The Party Selection screen displays:

5.                                       The Attorney-Party Association screen displays:

6.                                       The PDF Document Selection screen displays:

7.                                       The Modify Docket Test screen displays:

8.                                       The Question screen displays:

9.                                       The Text Enhancement screen displays:

10.                                 The Case Number and Name of Debtor(s) screen displays:

11.                                 The Final Approval screen displays: Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will no further opportunity to this submission if you continue.

12.                                 The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays. (Refer to Notice of Electronic Filing for complete instructions.)