Opening a Bankruptcy Case

Last Updated: March 2012

Video Demonstration


Required Documents:

Chapter 11 only - List of twenty (20) largest unsecured creditors, Equity Security Holders, Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury on Behalf of a Corporation or Partnership, Corporation Ownership Statement and Corporation Resolution of Corporation Debtor) should be filed as part of the voluntary petition.

If the Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs are filed at a later date, the Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs must be filed as two separate documents.

The size of the document must not exceed 6.0 Megabytes. Larger documents must be split to 6.0 Megabytes or smaller and added to the petition as attachments.

See Case Upload instructions to determine if your bankruptcy petition software vendors has been certified for Case Upload and for further information.

Social Security Number Verification page, Statement of Intent (Chapter 7 individuals  only), Certification of Credit Counseling, Statement of Monthly Income, Chapter 12 or 13 Plan, Disclosure of Compensation and Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments or Motion in Forma Pauperis must be entered as separate events.

Docketing Steps:

1.                                       Click  'Bankruptcy' on the Blue Menu Bar

2.                                       The Bankruptcy Events menu displays:

3.                                       The Case Type bk and the current date will display:

4.                                       The 'Search for a debtor' screen displays:

Search Hints


5.                                       The Party Search Results screen displays:

6.                                       The Party Information screen displays:

List of Counties

7.                                       The Party Information screen displays:

8.                                       (For Joint Debtor) The Search for a Party screen displays for the Joint Debtor:

9.                                       The Corporate Parent Party Search screen displays:

10.                                 Divisional Office Verification Screen displays:

11.                                 The Statistical Data screen displays:

12.                                 Summary of Schedules Form B6 screen displays:

13.                                 The Schedules and Form B22 (A, B or C)  information screen continues:                       

14.                                 If  Deficiencies 'y' was selected on the Case Data screen (Step 3), the Deficiency List screen displays:

15.                                 The PDF Document Selection screen displays:

16.                                 If  Deficiencies 'y' was selected on the Case Data screen (Step 3):

17.                                 Section 521 i  Incomplete Filing date mm/dd/yyyy displays:

18.                                 The Presumption Arises screen displays: (Please Note: This screen will not appear if the means test was selected as a missing document from the Deficiency List in Step 11):

19.                                 A Message regarding popup blockers displays:

20.                                 Government Proof of Claim will appear in all chapters designated as asset cases:

21.                                 Filing Fee due information displays:

22.                                 The Modify screen displays:

23.                                 The Final Approval screen displays: Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will have no further opportunity to this submission if you continue.  

24.                                 The Notice of Electronic Filing screen Displays:  (Refer to Notice of Electronic Filing for complete instructions.)                 

25.                                 The Internet Credit Card Program Window displays: (Refer to Internet Credit Card Payments for complete instructions.)