Notice of Continuance of 341 Meeting of Creditors

Last Updated: March 2012

The 341 meeting of creditors is not automatically rescheduled for debtors who fail to attend the first meeting.

Note:  In Chapter 7 cases the debtor’s counsel, is required to file a Consent Motion to Extend the Deadline to File Complaints Objecting to Discharge at the same time the 'Notice of Continuance' is filed. The consent motion must be filed as a separate pleading using the event 'Extend Time to Object to Discharge'. It is imperative that the correct event is used to ensure correct deadlines are set within our system.

Attention: A new location “other - check with trustee” has been created. This location is a  generic location  for 341 Meeting of Creditors, when the 341 Meeting of Creditors can not be held in any of the preset locations. However, you must call the trustee prior to using this location.

1.                                       Click 'Bankruptcy' on the Blue Menu Bar

2.                                       The Bankruptcy Events screen displays:

3.                                       The Case Number screen displays:

4.                                       The Event Selection screen displays:

5.                                       The Party Selection screen displays:

6.                                       The PDF Document Selection screen displays:

7.                                       The Hearing date screen displays:

8.                                       The Modify Docket Text screen display:

9.                                       The Final Approval screen displays: Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will no further opportunity to this submission if you continue.

10.                                 The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays. (Refer to the Notice of Electronic Filing Module for complete instructions.)