Notice of Electronic Filing


Last Updated: May 2012


Notice of Electronic Filing is an electronic document produced by CM/ECF which certifies filing of all petitions, documents and claims with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court by an electronic filer, both the date and the time of filing appear.



All parties requesting electronic notification will receive this certification via electronic mail.


1.                                                To Save and/or Print:


        ●   Click the browser Printer icon or go to 'File' - 'Print'.


2.                                               To save a copy of this electronic receipt.


        ●   Click 'File' on the browser menu bar.

        ●   Select 'Save as'.  Save in the folder where you want the  

             document is to be saved.

        ●   Enter the name of the document in the 'File Name' box.

        ●   Click 'Save'