How to Convert a Document to PDF/A

Last Updated: February 2013

What is PDF/A?

CAUTION: The size of the document must not exceed 20 Megabytes. Documents larger than 20 MB must be separated into attachments that are 20 MB or smaller.

1.                                       Create a document in your word processing software.

2.                                       Click 'File' in the toolbar and select 'Print'

3.                                       Select the directory where the PDF/A file will be saved.

Scanning a Document to a PDF/A

Please note that Administrative Order 11-03 directs all filers to convert those documents that are created by the attorney, directly to PDF.  Only those documents that you did not create, can be scanned into PDF/A.  Each scanning program and software will vary.  Your scanner must be set to black and white and 300 DPI  and set to scan to PDF/A to comply with National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) document preservation standards. Please refer to your scanner manual and software for specifics with your setup.