How to Convert a Creditor Matrix to a Text (.txt) File

Last Updated: May, 2012

The following instructions will guide you to correctly format a creditor matrix and save it as a.txt file. A creditor matrix contains each creditor’s name and mailing address. This information is used for noticing and also for claims information when applicable. The creditor matrix must be in an ASCII file format with an appropriate text extension such as .txt before it can be successfully uploaded into the CM/ECF system.

Suggested Creditor Matrix Specifications:

Note:  If the address is foreign a country, enter the name of the country as the LAST line of the address.


Save the Creditor Matrix File with a .txt Extension -

1.                                       After creating the list in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, open the file.

2.                                       Click 'Save As' in the drop down list.

If in Microsoft Word, Skip to Step 4.

If in WordPerfect: continue to Step 3.

3.                                       Word Perfect:

4.                                       Microsoft Word:

5.                                       Enter the file name in the 'File Name:' text box.

6.                                       Click 'Save'