Attorney Disclosure of Compensation

Last Updated: April 2012

Video Demonstration


Local Rule 2016-1(b) requires an attorney representing a debtor to file a disclosure statement with  the petition. If an attorney commences representation of the debtor in a case after the filing of the petition, such attorney must file the disclosure statement at the time representation  is commenced.

1.                                       Click 'Bankruptcy' on the Blue Menu Bar

2.                                       The Bankruptcy Events menu displays

3.                                       The Case Number screen displays:

4.                                       The Available Events screen displays:

5.                                       The Party Filer screen displays:

6.                                       The Attorney/Party screen displays:(This screen will only appear, if this is the first time you have filed a document on behalf of this party.)

7.                                       The PDF Document Selection screen displays:

8.                                       The Modify Docket Text screen displays:

9.                                       The Final Docket Text screen displays: Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will have no further opportunity to this submission if you continue. 

10.                                 The Notice of Electronic Filing displays. (Refer to the Notice of Electronic Filing for complete instructions.)