Attachments to Documents

Last updated: February 2013

The following are instructions for attaching additional documents to a main pleading.  Examples include: Proposed Order, Notice of Motion, Exhibits (supporting documents for a motion etc.)

NOTE: Each PDF must be 20 MB or smaller, anything over 20 MB will have to be broken down into separate smaller PDF's.

1.                                       During the docketing process, you will be prompted to select the PDF document:

The 'Attachments to Document' screen displays as three sections:


2.                                       SECTION 1:

3.                                       SECTION 2:  

Click the drop down arrow under 'Category' and select the appropriate title for your attachment.

If there is not an appropriate 'Category', type one in the 'Description' box.

4.                                        SECTION 3:    

5.                                       You can repeat (Steps 1-3) process for additional attachments.

6.                                       Click 'Next'