Debtor's Affidavit Requesting Discharge

Last Updated: January 2012

The Debtor’s Affidavit Requesting Discharge, Local Bankruptcy Form P, must be filed and served on the Chapter 13 trustee and all creditors no later than 90 days after the Chapter 13 trustee files the notice of completion of plan payments. The failure to timely file this affidavit may result in the case being closed without a discharge.

1.                                       Click 'Bankruptcy' on the Blue Menu Bar

2.                                       The Bankruptcy Events menu displays:

3.                                       The Case Number screen displays:

4.                                       The Available Events List screen displays:

5.                                       The Party Filer screen displays:

6.                                       The PDF Document Selection screen displays:

7.                                       Request for Date Information screen displays:

8.                                       Case Information screen displays:

9.                                       The Final Docket Text screen displays: Attention!! Submitting this screen commits this transaction. You will no further opportunity to this submission if you continue.