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Limited Creditor Access Registration

This login will provide you limited access to the CM/ECF database so that you can request notices, file proof of claims and other claim related matters - Withdrawal of Claim, Objection to Claim, Assignment of Claim, Objection to Transfer of Claim and Reaffirmation Agreements. Once you complete the steps below, the court will create a user account for you, and contact you with your login and password. Please allow up to 3 business days for your request to be completed.  Click on each underlined hyperlink to proceed:

Click here for your registration form. Print the form, sign it, scan it into a PDF and save the PDF to your hard drive. (You will need a PDF version of the signed agreement for Step 2).

Click here to complete your contact information. Fill in your contact information and attach the PDF of the signed registration form.
Training is not required however, we recommend viewing the following docketing instructions:

Filing a Proof of Claim (video demonstration)
Assignment of Claim
Objection to Claim (show video demo)
Reaffirmation Agreement
Withdrawal of Claim (show video demo)

Need docketing or technical help? Please refer to our CM/ECF User Manual for additional demonstrations and technical how to’s.