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Electronic Filing - Training and Registration

CM/ECF filing requires a login and password which is available to attorneys and creditors (limited access). Please note that the process of receiving a login may take 3 business days. If you have an emergency filing, you can file it at the Clerk's office in either division.

Non-Filing User
Grants access to CM/ECF for the purpose of receiving email notifications of case activity. This designation is for use by pro se debtors, debtors represented by attorneys, attorneys not admitted to practice in this state, and other Non-Filing Users. Non-Filing users may not file documents electronically.

Limited Creditor Access - Training Not Required
(To request notices, file proof of claims and other claim related matters - Withdrawal of Claim, Objection to Claim, Assignment of Claim, Objection to Transfer of Claim, Reaffirmation Agreements).  If you only need to file a Proof of Claim, please use our Electronic Proof of Claims (ePOC) filing option (eff 2/11/13) where no login is required. 

Full Participant or Admitted Pro Hac Vice - Training Waived
(You must have an active CM/ECF login and password with another Bankruptcy Court, AND your bar status must be ‘Active’ with the Maryland District Court)

Full Participant or Admitted Pro Hac Vice - Training & Answer Sheet Required
(You DO NOT have an active login and password with another Bankruptcy Court, but your bar status is 'Active' with the Maryland District Court)

IMPORTANT! You must be admitted with an 'Active' or 'Pro Hac Vice' bar status in the Maryland Federal District Court to obtain a Maryland Bankruptcy Court Full Participant login. NOT admitted? Visit the Maryland District Court’s website for further information.