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Frequently Asked Questions

For Debtors

1. Can I add creditors to my bankruptcy?  Yes, there is a $30 fee.  See LBR 1007-1, 1007-3 and 1009-1 for filing requirements (See the Local Rules).

2. I owe a fee, how can I pay?  The filing fee must be paid in cash, money order or by certified check payable to Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  The payment may be submitted by mail or in person at the Clerk's Office. (See Courthouse locations)

3. What is the mailing matrix, is there a form?  No, the mailing matrix is a typed list with the names and addresses of creditors that must be prepared by the debtor.  (Creditor Matrix Information)

4. A copy of my pay stubs and tax returns were requested, where do I send them?  Your pay stubs and tax returns should be sent to your Trustee.  The name and address of your trustee is on the Meeting of Creditors notice you received and can also be located on the Court's web site. (Trustee Information)

5. I filed bankruptcy and it is appearing on my credit report.  Can the bankruptcy court remove it?  No, the Court does not report bankruptcies to the credit bureaus and does not get involved in disputes regarding credit reports.  Each credit reporting agency has specific procedures for consumers to dispute information listed in their credit files. This process can be accomplished by contacting each individual credit reporting agency.  Most credit reporting agencies allow consumers to complete an online dispute on their websites.   The Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681) governs credit reporting.  The law states that credit reporting agencies may not report a bankruptcy case after 10 years from the date of entry of the order for relief.  Other adverse credit information is generally removed after 7 years.   For more information about the Fair Credit Reporting Act or information about disputing your credit report, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website, or call them toll-free at 877-FTC-HELP (382-4357).  

6. I have a garnishment, repossession or foreclosure pending.  How soon will the Court notify my creditors after I file bankruptcy?  After your case has been filed and processed, a notice of bankruptcy filing will be sent by regular mail to all creditors listed in your bankruptcy.  If you have an immediate action pending, you should notify the creditor that you have filed bankruptcy and provide them with your bankruptcy case number. 

7. How can I obtain a copy of the creditors included in my bankruptcy and/or a copy of my discharge?  You may come in to the Clerk's Office and print the list of creditors and/or discharge from the public terminals for $.10 per page.  Alternatively, you may mail a money order to the court requesting a copy of your list of creditors/discharge.  The fee is $.50 per page.  You should contact the case administrator assigned to your case to determine the number of pages and fee.

For Creditors

1. How can I find out if someone who owes me money has filed bankruptcy?  Cases that have been entered in ECF can be found using the centralized VCIS at 1-866-222-8029.  Additionally, new cases filed but not yet entered in ECF can be found here.

2. I was owed money by someone who has filed bankruptcy, what happens now? See the Court's web page on resources for creditors

For Attorneys

1. I owe a fee, how do I pay? To view fees due, login to CM/ECF, click Utilities, click Internet Fees/Payments, click Internet Fees Due and review the list.  If the fee is listed, click on the appropriate box and follow the prompts to pay with your registered credit card.  If the fee does not appear, click Bankruptcy, choose Miscellaneous, type the case number and click Next.  Choose Filing Fee-Generic and click Next.  Select the party and click Next.  Review the screen and click Next.  Type the case administrator's name and click Next.  Select refer to existing event and click Next.  Select all categories and click Next.  Select the document for which the fee is due.  Enter the amount of the fee due and click Next.  Verify the final docket test and click Next.  You will then be prompted to pay by credit card.  If you are still experiencing problems, contact the IT Service Desk.

2.  I am trying to view a document in case but it is restricted from viewing.  There are certain documents like the Social Security Verification Page that are restricted as well as documentsin cases filed prior to 2003 that have been closed more than a year.  Please see the Case Info tab on our web site and choose either the option for Closed Cases or SSN Privacy for more information.