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Welcome to the web site for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland.

I am pleased to share with you that the court recently approved a revision to our Strategic Plan. This update to our “charter” is the result of the efforts of our Judges and management staff to plan the future of this court. Much time was spent evaluating our current state and determining those factors that will influence the Court in the future. The committee reaffirmed the mission of the Court to "Promote Social and Economic and order by reconciling the opportunity of debtors to a fresh start with the right of creditors to be paid" as well as our core values and guiding principles.

We reexamined our critical functions due to our increased reliance on electronic case filing and electronic record preservation and developed new key results that needed to occur in order to prepare for the future. Although many new key result areas were identified we chose four as essential for the near term in order to achieve our mission. Please review these goals, many of which directly involve participation by members of the Bar. We continue to strive to achieve greater efficiencies while improving services to our stakeholders - an obvious challenge in these budgetary times. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

- Mark D. Sammons
Clerk of Court