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What about the administration of the BDRP?

Per Local Rule 9019-2, the BDRP facilitates the resolution of eligible disputes through the intervention of a Resolution Advocate

Time Table
Coordinated on an October - September fiscal year basis, the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (BDRP) accepts applications from prospective resolution advocates until August 1st for the following year.

The Court has limited the size of the BDRP Panel of Advocates to 50 members. Membership will be reviewed and determined by October 1st of each year.
A deputy clerk in the Clerk’s office will serve as the staff assistant to the BDRP Administrator, and will be responsible for collecting applications to the panel, maintaining its roster, and compiling the results of the BDRP.

Applications for panel membership will be sent to the Clerk, who will forward them to the staff assistant. The staff assistant will add panel member names, office addresses, and phone and fax numbers to a listing on the Court’s web page. Electronic versions of the applications and any other relevant documentation (as determined by the BDRP Administrator) will be available for public review.

LBF J-1 Application for the Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Panel
LBF J-2(a) Order Assigning Matter to the BDRP
LBF J-2(b) Order Appointing Resolution Advocate
LBF J-3 Initial Mediation Confidentiality Agreement (an agreement between all the parties and should not be filed with the Court)
LBF J-4 Certificate Re: BDRP Conference (forward two copies to the Court)
LBF J-5 Report of BDRP Conference (an administrative document used to monitor and assess the program. The report should be directed to the Clerk.)